A brief interview with Sayed Alsadig Almahdi in Canterbury

Sayed Alsadig Almahdi in Canterbury




Visnews reporter Paul Toulmin-Rothe interview with Sayed Alsadig Almahdi while he was at the conference in Canterbury.

Sayed Alsadig Almahdi was attending the 40th Anniversary conference in Canterbury, England, of the World Congress of Faiths where he has chaired a session on the Islamic faith.

Sayed Alsadig Almahdi: “Well, it was organised by the National Front which is a movement that involves and incorporates all shades of political opinion in the Sudan except the Communists, but all shades of political opinion are organised and represented by this national front which today seeks a government that is based on national consensus not coercion as we believe the present government is based on.”

TOULMIN-ROTHE: “Do you think the government of Jaafer al Nimeiry has anything to offer Sudan?”

Sayed Alsadig Almahdi: “I think the only thing it offered in the past was to show the feeling of the political parties and to have executed some of the ideas that the political parties have arrived at, with the southern brothers. But after that sort of person that is indicating the bankruptcy of the parties and also making some sort of achievement in the southern districts, it has gone completely bankrupt itself and has become a terror and a menace for the country because so far there have taken place about 20 attempts to get rid of it, six of which were bloody, involving the people and the army which means this is a regime too costly in terms of moral, economics an survival of people to be sustained.”

Issue date:- 30 July 1976

Visnews (Visnews was a London-based international news agency. It began as the British Commonwealth International Newsfilm Agency (BCINA))