Release to a Press  Conference in the Venue of  the Parliament of France

Release to a Press  Conference in the Venue of  the Parliament of France



We, the representatives of the People of Sudan appreciate this opportunity to hold this conference and address representatives of the French Government, of Parliament, and public opinion.

Since the Historic French Revolution, France has become home to the cause of basic Freedoms and Human Rights. Currently France has been home to the most important two International initiatives, the 2015 conference on climate change, which archived the Paris Agreement on climate change to save the Planet Earth Form manmade calamity, and the 2017 conference on Peace in the Middle East which focused International opinion in this very important issue for International Peace and Security.

The Sudan Call, which we represent, includes civilian political parties and armed groups.

The civilian political parties, which represent a broad section of the Sudanese population, the armed groups were formed to deter the coup d’état established Regime, which attempted to impose sectarian and ethnic Agenda on the Sudan by brute force.

That Agenda is based on a narrow partisan expression of Islam, which has common cause with Human Rights and tolerance denying Islamicist Ideology, which lies behind extremism, intolerance and violence. Consequently many Sudanese citizens sought salvation in asylum so that 20% of the Sudanese population has now settled outside the Sudan, others have taken up arms to resist dictatorship.

Sudan Call seeks Regime change by nonviolent means in the tradition of the CODESA of South Africa.

We have accepted the AUPSC initiative led by AUHIP, which culminated in a Roadmap, which the Sudan Government Signed in March 2016, and Sudan Call signed in August 2016. However the Khartoum Regime has reneged on its Road map commitment which would therefore frustrate the AUPSC Peace initiative.

Sudan Call eschewed Regime change by violent means, avoids terrorist methods and remains committed to nonviolent political ideology.

In this respect, we look up to the EU and particularly France to support the cause of the People of Sudan for establishing comprehensive and just Peace, and democratization.

The limited lifting of American economic sanctions on the Sudanese Regime would help remove some hardships suffered by Sudanese Citizens, but unless it is linked to conditions which require the Sudanese Regime to deliver on the Peace and democratization program, it could enable the Regime to carry on business as usual in violent aggression and Human Rights denial which will be a betrayal of the cause of the people of Sudan.

We look up to the French Government, the representatives of the French People, and French public opinion to give powerful support for the legitimate cause of the people of Sudan to achieve comprehensive  and Just Peace, and democratization.

We express gratitude for the French Government for permitting our current meetings and expect powerful support for the Peace and democratization making outcome of its recommendations.


Thank you.