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Democracy and Human Rights in Decline? A Call to Action

  A panel discussion on democracy Panelists Sadiq Al Mahdi, Prime Minister of Sudan (1966-67; 1986-1989). Member of the Club de Madrid;  Kim Campbell, Prime Minister of Canada (1993)  Member of the Club de Madrid;  […]

Club de Madrid

An interview with Imam Alsadig Almahdi

    Since early 2007, the Club of Madrid, in collaboration with FRIDE, has undertaken a series of dialogue missions to strengthen democracy and promote freedom of association in North Africa and the Middle East.

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The Financial Times with Imam Alsadig Almahdi

    Financial Times: Sudan opposition backs right to protest   Sudan’s former prime minister Alimam Alsadig Al-Mahdi tells FT’s Katrina Manson that he supports the right of people to protest.     The Financial […]