Joint Statement Concerning Reunification of Umma Party

A statement concerning the Reunification

Of the Umma Party

The Umma Party suffered the rigours of a lamentable political rift that impeded the historical progress of this great political movement and seriously affected the country’s advance and upset the balance of political power. It was also a great cause of worry to our people and to all those concerned about the country’s interests and welfare.

The Umma Party is a progressive natural extension of a major movement of liberation that brought independence to the Sudan in last century and consolidated the will of its people under an Islamic national state.

The Umma Party is the great national gathering that initiated the Sudanese movement for independence and gave invincible support to its cause against imperialism and other arti-national forces. Unswervingly, its men struggled on against a powerful and able enemy and fought bitterly until independence was finally realized. During the years of the national struggle for independence the Umma Party become the focus of the national movement and was its life-giving force. In the years of the military regime the Umma Party led the national battle for democracy destroyed by the people’s victory in the October revolutionaries and strengthening the national front. in both the capital and the provinces its people contributed greatly in fanning the fires of the revolution and helping to force the will of the people and the return to democratic rule.

The Umma Party annals are full of heroic deeds and sacrifice. We take the opportunity of announcing the reunification of this great party today to expose a number of our political and social objectives we aim at restoring political and social objectives. We aim at restoring political stability drafting the long-awaited permanent constitution, improving the country’s backward regions, eradicating social injustices and establishing a progressive political movement that will guide the national potential towards modernization and reform and planned progression.

The reunification of the Umma Party has long rested upon the conscience of its leadership as responsible duty towards great heritage. It comes as an answer to the genuine and deep-felt desire of our own people for unity and as a fulfillment to the wish of the many citizens with true concern for the country’s welfare and stability. An agreement was reached to build the reunified party on solid entrenchment founded on both the party’s historical background and its contemporary role of shaping a modernized and reformed present and future.

The following basis and principals have been agreed upon:-

  1. The Umma party is a modern democratic party accessible to all Sudanese. Its leading positions are filled by election and those elected to positions of responsibility are accountable to party organs

Decisions in all matters that concern party policy are taken by a majority vote.

  1. In regard to sayed Imam Hadi’s leading in the party and the country position on he is to be considered as the sole Umma presidential candidate under the permanent constitution.
  2. In recognition of sayed Sadik El Mahdi’s previous position as elected party leader he becomes second man in the party hierarchy. This position accords him the secrecies of all prerogatives of party president and the assumption of the responsibilities of secretary-General and the leadership of the executive organ in every government formed by the Umma party or in which the Umma is partner. He performs these duties by delegation from Imam El Hadi and the various Umma organs and is held accountable to these organs.
  3. The setting up of high council to devise the party’s higher policy and run its affairs. All executive organs are accountable to this council until the writing of the unified party constitution, according to which all party organs are elected.
  4. The unification of the party is based on the solidarity and reconciliation of all its elements and members. On the basis of this understanding the high council reconsiders the present political conditions and defines the position of the reunified party as regards these conditions.

The conditions subject to reviewing are:-

  1. The aims of government in the present transitional period and the type of government most suitable fro the present time.
  2. The drafting of the permanent constitution.
  3. The party’s position a propos the constitutional case.
  4. The preparation of a carefully studied party manifesto aiming at helping the country through the present critical phase of its life.

As we carry these auspicious tidings to a general reconciliation and to unite their committee and their political effort to face the major political responsibility the near future holds in store fro them.

Later we shall clarify the detailed procedures into history. We look forward in anticipation of a bright future. leaning trustfully on our faith in God and our unshaken confidence in this honorable nation we shall exert our utmost endeavor to provide a wise and worthy leadership to improve all aspects the nation’s life and to wage a relentless war against the agents of corruption and mistule.

We aim to unleash the strong potential of this nation and chanel her bolster up the Arab struggle or regain their expropriated land and to help the African nations in their fight for liberation and guide them towards a better and brighter future.


Monday April, 7, 1969


(sgd.)                                                                   (sgd.)

Imam Elhadi El Madi                                     Sadik El Madi