Congratulating Angela Merkel for Electoral Victory



H.E. Angela Merkel

Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany


My Dear Lady Chancellor,


Please accept our congratulations for your victory and the CDU for the fourth time in the German General Elections, which puts you in league with the founders of modern Germany Konrad Adenhauer, and Helmut Kohl.

This victory shows that the people of Germany have appreciated that the CDU under your leadership has given enlightened and effective leadership to the European Union, which has become more than ever, a positive factor in international relations.

As leader of the CDU, you have offered compassionate reception to a million of our Syrian brothers and sisters from their desperate national circumstances. Such humanitarian compassion is especially important to counter the rise of hate, which has become in the US and Europe a part of politics giving “raison d’être” to the agenda of extremists and their politics of violence.

It is to salute such values that we greet the victory of the CDU under your able leadership.


I’m yours,


Al Sadig Al Mahdi

Last Elected Sudanese PM

President of UNP and Imam of Alansar Religious Assembly

Chairman of International Forum for Moderation, Jordan