To Mbeki and Abubakar of AUHIP

5th December 2014

H.E. Thabo  Mbeki and H.E. Abdulsalami Abubakar,


Dear Excellencies,

 Please accept my repeated appreciation of the efforts you are making to help the Peoples of Sudan help themselves.

I thank you for your letter of 4th December 2014, and would like to convey the following:

  1. I confirm our compliance with the six items outlined in the letter.
  2. We also confirm that the Agenda of the National Dialogue would include the issue of National Unity, economy, basic rights and freedoms, National Identity, constitutional review and governance. We share this view mindful of the fact that in the planned preparatory meeting, stakeholders will be free to suggest any additional items. We also take note that during the discussion of the matter of the implementation mechanism that the proposal about a Transitional Government would be discussed. I also comply with your request that we take a positive position with respect to the matters raised in your letter, including the important consideration that all matters concerning the organization and conduct of the National Dialogue will be determined collectively by all stakeholders, with no dictation or imposition by anybody.
  3. For the suggested preparatory conference, which should be held as soon as possible, we suggest the following Roadmap:
  • The causes of conflict which resulted in the formation of the SRF are similar. Therefore it is only logical to recognize the SRF as partners in the search for Peace and National Governance.
  • The causes of conflict about Governance, which are responsible for the current crisis in power are similar, namely, the lack of respect for Human Rights and the need for participation, accountability, transparency, and the rule of Law i.e. Democracy. It is only logical to involve the UNP and the NCF, and other stakeholders as partners in the search for peace and democratization.
  • The GOS is party to Resolution 456, and the Addis Documents of last September which could be accepted by all as references.
  • On the basis of these references, we suggest that you call all the above mentioned stakeholders to a preparatory meeting in the AU venue to discuss and approve a watertight Roadmap to chart the way forward.
  1. Towards that end, we suggest that the preparatory meeting plan the following Steps:
  • An immediate meeting between the SRF and the GOS to decide how to end hostilities by:
  • Resolving ceasefire and observation of compliance.
  • Exchange of POWs.
  • Facilitation of Humanitarian relief.
  • The termination of hostilities.
  • The meeting would define the necessary confidence building measures and the program for their implementation.
  • To discuss and agree upon the Roundtable conference, or the National Constitutional Conference which should be commissioned with the task of reaching a Comprehensive and Just Peace Agreement, and a National plan for Democratic Transformation. This conference should, in the climate of mutual Confidence, be held inside the Sudan.


Finally: The Peoples of Sudan have suffered from continuous civil war, and persistent governance crisis. Our problems have engaged numerous mediators, troubled our neighbors and threatened International Peace and Stability, expressed by 62 UNSC Resolutions. It is obvious that there is no military solution to the Sudanese problems, although there are other political means to resort to. We are prepared to make all the necessary efforts to engage in a meaningful dialogue, which promises to be inclusive and promises to harness the Peoples of Sudan’s National political will, to build Peace and establish democratic Stability.

We express our gratitude to the Government and fraternal Peoples of Ethiopia for providing our endeavors with a convention venue.


Sincerely yours,



Al Sadig Al Mahdi



CC    Minni Arko Minnawi,

Sudan Revolutionary Front


Farouq Abu Eissa

National Consensus Forces


Amin Mekki Medani

Civil Society Initiative


7+7 Coordinating Committee


Sudan Women’s Coalition


H.E. President Omar Hassan Al-Bashir


H.E. Prime Minister Haile Mariam Desalegn

IGAD Chairperson