To US President Obama on the Iran Nuclear Deal

3rd April 2015

H.E. President Barak Obama

President of the USA


Dear Mr. President,

Please accept our congratulations for the nuclear deal with the Republic of Iran, which adheres to the principles of the NPT and represents the proper mechanism for the resolution of International conflicts.

Your advocacy for the deal was eloquent and convincing.

We look forward for a strategic accord between Islam and the West. You are best positioned to work for such an accord.

The Region’s Peace will best be served by a Security Pact between the Arabs, Iran and Turkey. The USA could work for that purpose.

Of course that security pact should also involve Israel, after Israel reaches a Peace Agreement with the Palestinians, which the USA could help to reach.

May you continue to pursue the purpose of International Peace and cooperation.


Yours Sincerely,

Al Sadig Al Mahdi