To EU Special Representative, Alexander Rondos

Beloved Imam Alsadig Almahdi President of the National Umma Party and Imam of Ansar Allah and the legitimate democratically elected Prime Minister of the Sudan

10th November 2013

H.E.  Alexander Rondos

EU Special Representative

Horn of Africa,


Dear Sir,


The Umma National Party (UNP) welcomes your appointment to this very important mission, and welcomes your current visit to Sudan.

We would like to brief you on our position regarding your concerns:

  1. UNP believes that the present Regime is responsible for the present crisis in Sudan, and that it has come to the end of its tether. The country is ripe for Regime Change. Its catastrophic policies will no doubt mobilize the people for a popular uprising. It is possible to avoid an unplanned succession through a CODESA type Regime Change. Any attempt by groups like SRF or coup d’etat will only lead to another dictatorship. A Regime established by force will only be protected by force.

Therefore, we strongly appeal to the EU to use its good offices with the Regime, and with the SRF, to accept the need for a National Constitutional Roundtable to agree upon a Roadmap towards comprehensive and just peace, and democratic transformation. Our literature concerning this strategy is attached for your information.

  1. We have in several occasions suggested the need for a Regional Security Conference to include Sudan and its neighbors for a Security Agreement between its members. It may be within your mandate to help deliver such a conference.
  2. One intractable problem between the two Sudans is how to tackle the unresolved protocols of the CPA, regarding border problems. We suggest that such points be referred to a wise persons’ commission to resolve them in good time. This should not in any case lead to war, nor retard the implementation of points of Agreement.
  3. As you know, there is a looming crisis in the Nile Basin. We have suggested an approach which should resolve differences and lead to the desired amicable relations between the countries of the Nile Basin. This should interest you as the majority of the countries of the Nile Basin are within the Horn of Africa.

Finally, please accept our best wishes that you succeed in your mission of fraternal efforts to help the peoples of Sudan to help themselves.


We will be in touch of your Khartoum Office for any further contacts.



Yours sincerely,


Al Sadig Al Mahdi