National Calling at the Dawn of Peace

Beloved Imam Alsadig Almahdi President of the National Umma Party and Imam of Ansar Allah and the legitimate democratically elected Prime Minister of the Sudan

Sudanese Political Forces and organizations of civil society make this calling in support of just and comprehensive Peace, and the program for real Democratic Transformation. They appeal to the Peoples of Sudan and the International community to give it massive support.

First: From Bilateral to National Agreement:

we support the current bilateral negotiations between the Sudan Government and the SPLM through IGAD and IGAD Partners’ Forum mediation. We look forward to its successful outcome in terms of an initialed Bilateral Agreement outlining the terms for a just peace and a program for Democratic Transformation.

That bilateral Agreement should then be presented to a National Council representing an All Party and Civil Society organizations Congress. The National Council should deliberate upon the bilateral agreement and through a process of ratification and Arbitration, if necessary, transform the bilateral Agreement into a National Agreement.

All Sudan’s Horn of Africa and North Africa neighbors plus the IPF States should attend as observers and follow-up parties.


Second: Crisis in Darfur:

To convene an All Party plus civil organizations Conference authorized to resolve the crisis in Darfur Region. That conference to be mandated to discuss and decide upon a six-points Agenda involving: Political, development, Social Services, Administrative, Tribal and Security affairs.

Sudan’s Western neighbors plus Egypt to attend as observers.


Third: Regional and International Efforts:

We welcome the contribution of Regional and International efforts to give help to the Peace and Democratization Process in the Sudan. Their efforts should be regulated as follows:

  • Unreserved welcome for their efforts to establish confidence building measures, namely, cease-fire, Humanitarian relief, civilian protection, and disarming of militias.
  • Observation of Peace negotiations between Sudanese Parties and follow-up to ensure compliance.
  • Help organize Programs for elimination of the effects of war, rehabilitation, and Development.


Forth: the Salvation Regime

We commit ourselves to pursue serious negotiations with the “Salvation Regime” to realize Just Peace and Democratic Transformation by non-violent means. We call for amnesty for all, no exclusion, and to look up to the Peoples to freely effect the Peaceful Transfer of Power through free general elections.


Fifth: Religions and Cultures:

To guarantee Religious Freedom for all citizens. All National Communities practice their Religious and cultural Rights freely provided they respect the Rights of equal citizenship for all and espouse Democratic mechanisms. Muslim Rights to assert ISLAM are guaranteed and the Muslim community respects the Rights of other citizens and espouses legislation as resolved by freely elected Assembly.


Sixth: Balance and Justice

We protect Religious and cultural plurality, pursue balance and just Development. Those Principles to be outlined and detailed in terms of freely negotiated Charters.


Seventh: Means and Mechanisms:

The means by which we shall realize these principles are: Serious Negotiations between the parties concerned, civil struggle, and mobilization, internally; regional and International Support, externally.


We look up to just peace and real democratic Transformation to dawn upon the Sudan through massive popular internal support, and great Regional and International support.



The Message of UP President to Wensday Syposium 30/6/2004

Brothers & sisters, sons & daughtersDear guests of our weekly rally “Nadwat Al Arbiaa”Peace be on you all.I left for Cairo in response to a kind invitation for the conference of “Reform & Democracy in Egypt”, a time during which Sudan is receiving two important visitors: the General Secretary of the United Nations; Mr. Kofi Annan, and U S Secretary of State; Mr. Collin Powell, as well as the celebration of the Sudanese Regime with its last anniversary of the coup of June 1989.1. We warmly welcome the visit of Mr. Kofi Annan to Sudan and to Greater Darfur. He is a genuine democratic and humane person. He requested to meet us, and I delegated both gentlemen Dr. Adam Madibbo and Dr. Abdel Nabi A. Ahmed, to meet him on my behalf and National Umma Party to convey to him the Party’s opinion and our welcome to the constructive role of the United Nations in Sudan. I’m quite certain that Mr. Annan’s visit will participate positively in the Peace process and in the Democratic transformation and in the containment of Darfur catastrophe.2. Also we welcome the visit of Mr. Collin Powell to Sudan, we think he will get better information about the facts in Sudan and in Greater Darfur. Mr. Powell didn’t ask to meet neither us nor other political forces in Sudan, instead he asked to see people from Darfur on their tribal basis. Once again the American Position exposes itself by talking about Democracy and bypassing the real democratic forces.USA needs to revise this position, which made it in the past supportive of tyrants like Numeri and Saddam, dealt by short sighted vision with invaders like Bin Laden, collaborated with who ever in power regardless of their legitimacy and with who ever is carrying up arms even if they were outlaws, and ignored the civil democratic forces inspite of their apparent popularity and vivid presence.The Democracy advocating and sponsoring State is not meeting the Sudanese on basis of their intellectual participation, neither on their political weight, nor on their popularity, rather it is meeting them on tribal or geographical origin basis! Such attitude seriously questions the credibility of the American Democratic Scheme.As for the celebration of the Salvation Regime, we say to them on this occasion: It is about time you let go of a divisive day in the history of Sudan.What deserve to be congratulated to the makers of the Regime are:That they abandoned their totalitarian ideology, and opened up for Just Peace. A peace that was eminent when they committed their coup. At that time our country was getting prepared for the National Constitutional Conference on 18th September 1989, to achieve Peace without the hazards of International intervention nor of Self-Determination.That they opened the way for Democratic Transformation.These two achievements oblige congratulation. But the Coup itself caused our country miseries, Sudan and its people are paying dearly their huge bills. No one now denies the loss of Sudan interests because of the Salvation coup. Besides it is a divisive occasion, though a minority for the privileges they got to themselves might celebrate it, still it is a saddening occasion to the majority of the Sudanese, for the suffering it imposed on them internally and all over the world.The whole world is encouraging Democratic transformation and denouncing autocratic one in all the worlds we belong to; the Arabic, the African, and the Islamic. Neither our people nor our country has any benefit in celebrating the transformation from Democracy to its contrary.

30th of June ‏2004

Al Sadig Al Mahdi