Memorandum by SPLM-N and NUP, Germany


Memorandum by SPLM-N and NUP

We appreciate this invitation by the German Foreign Ministry to take stock of the Peace and Democratization process in Sudan.

  1. The Sudanese internal dialogue was completed in 10th of October 2016 and issued its recommendations. The dialogue involved the NCP, the ruling party, and its allies. The Khartoum National Dialogue (ND) was not inclusive and it didn’t respond to ending wars, building National consensus and normalizing relations between Sudan and the International Community. It failed to involve a commitment to honor the Roadmap signed by Sudan Call and the ruling Regime and recommended by AUPSC and administered by AUHIP.
  2. In principle, it was agreed that a pre-dialogue meeting be held at the AU headquarters to discuss the Roadmap. It was also agreed that meetings be held between the combatants to effect Cessation Of Hostilities (COH) and humanitarian access (HA). Such arrangements are necessary before the pre-dialogue. The expected encounters took place, made progress, but got stuck on some issues. The remaining points are for the Sudan Government (SG) to accept Assosa as a cross border entry point after the SPLM-N concessions. However, SPLM-N position remains that the political engagement will only come subsequent to resolving the HA issue and COH. On the other track the issues remaining only require political will from SG. Most other issues have been settled and Khartoum’s intransigence on these limited points cannot be explained. Maybe it is encouraged by the thaw in its relations with the International Community, and the improved relations with Gulf States, to believe that the Regime can simply impose its will upon Sudan Call. We have already been very moderate and what we now seek for a breakthrough is very reasonable.
  3. Germany enjoys good will in the Sudan, and is also regarded favorably by the Sudan Regime. We hope that you adopt the following position for a breakthrough in the Sudan case:
    1. To support a prompt accord on the COH and HA and the rest of the Confidence Building Measures, which will allow ND under Roadmap (RM) to be held immediately to be followed by ND inside the Sudan.
    2. To renew confidence in AUHIP to be able to administer that pre-dialogue ND.
    3. To reach out to all the concerned friends of Sudan, particularly the TROIKA and the EU, so that there is a concerted position in support of what is necessary to reach a Comprehensive Peace Agreement for Sudan, and an Agreement upon the interim governance and the constitutional agreement process.
    4. There should be a concerted agreement to demand independent investigation on the issue of chemical weapons.
    5. On our part we will mobilize and unite all Sudanese opposition opinion on a united and moderate position to respond positively to the resumption of the ND under the AUHIP.

We request the German Government to facilitate a meeting of Sudan Call leadership to engage all to support the ND process.

Finally, it should be noted that asymmetrical armed conflicts will only be resolved by political agreement.

The recommendations of the process which was completed in October will, according to the terms of the RM, be considered in its Agenda.

Khartoum should not be left with the impression that it could go on with its war mongering and despotic governance and retain German and Western normalization. This will be regarded as a sellout by the Peoples of Sudan.

It is necessary at this juncture to confront SG with a massive soft power confrontation that betrayal of the RM will stop any thaw in relations with the International Community, label the Government as war mongering and insistence upon despotic governance and so subject to sanctions. However, the same soft power should involve a promise to the People of Sudan that peacemaking and democratic governance will be rewarded by an effort to relieve the external debt, lifting of sanctions and the terrorism label, and support of an effort to handle the 63 UNSC Resolutions targeting stability for a peaceful and democratically stable Sudan.

Polarization has reached its zenith in Sudan, and the economy is bankrupt, and without peace and stability it could not be healed.

It is opportune for you to use your capital of good will to help the People of Sudan avoid confrontation if the Regime insists upon dictating the National Agenda, an aspiration, which for 27 years it could not realize.