Letter to the Troika and EU in Sudan


Honorable members of the Troika:

United States, the United Kingdom and Norway

Honorable members of  EU,

Dear friends of the Sudan,




The Khartoum process for National Dialogue completed its deliberations on the 10th of October.


We have made an objective analysis of the recommendation and when the translation is completed we will deliver it to you.


Some of the recommendations are welcome, others are not, but the most harmful outcome is that they are considered by their participants as a completion of the National Dialogue process.


This contradicts the principle of comprehensive National Dialogue process. It constitutes a betrayal of the AUHIP Road map signed by the government of Sudan and the Sudan Call alliance, which you have tirelessly worked to encourage all the Sudanese parties to sign.

The betrayed items in the Road Map are numbered: 3, 3.1, 3.2, 4 and 4.1.


Since that betrayal of the AUHIP Road map, the political climate was disturbed by mutually hostile declarations, and some attempts at bipartisan accords.


I write to your good selves this message on behalf of the Sudan Call alliance that:

  1. We confirm our confidence in AUHIP.
  2. Bilateral accords will not obviate the need for the comprehensive process envisaged by the AUHIP Roadmap Process.
  3. We will positively respond to any call by AUHIP for Roadmap deliberations.
  4. We expect that you will continue to support the comprehensive peace and democratization process for the Sudan. Support which deserves a huge thank you from the tormented people of the Sudan.



I am yours sincerely


Al Sadig Al Mahdi


President of Umma National Party and Imam of Alansar

Last Legitimate PM, Sudan

Chairman of the International Forum of Moderation