Letter to President Thabo Mbeki, Jan 2005

2nd January 2005

Your Excellency President Thabo Mbeki

The President of South Africa

The President of ANC


Dear Brother,


I welcome your visit to Sudan. We commend your achievement in transforming from War to Peace and from totalitarianism to pluralism. We were hoping to meet you and welcome your visit and extend to you a people’s welcome as become your democratic credentials.

Your visit comes while Sudan at cross roads anticipating transforming from War to Peace, and from Dictatorship to Democracy. We look at your model of CONDESA for Inclusiveness, and your experience in Truth and Reconciliation, a crucial step in the process of rebuilding our Sudanese Nation.

I would like to have a delegation of higher representation of leaders from UNP to visit South Africa to exchange views with your Party ANC on different matters of concern to our Countries and Continent, specially a Pan African Forum for Democratic Reform and capacity building for all African Democratic Parties

I wish you safe return Home and with my best regards.

Sincerely Yours

Elected Sudanese PM 1986-1989

Elected President of UMMA Party April 2003

Elected IMAM of ANSAR Dec. 2002