Letter to John Danforth 16/11/2004

16th November 2004

  1. E. John Danforth

USA Ambassador to UN,

Chairman of The UN Security Council,


Dear John,

We welcome the high profile your Government, the SC and yourself give to the problems of the Sudan, and the effective leverage you give to their resolution.


The Umma Party UP and other representatives of Sudanese Civil Society are sending a delegation to welcome the gesture of your special session on the Sudan in Nairobi, and to seek to address the Security Council and represent the views of Sudanese Civil and Political Society, which was not involved in the bilateral IGAD and Abuja negotiations.


The delegation is led by Assistants to UP President Ms. Sara Al Fadil and General Fadlalla Burma.


Please give them a hearing so that the Security Council considers its Resolution in the light of a comprehensive survey of Sudanese opinion.


Please accept my best wishes.


Yours faithfully,

Al Sadig Al Mahdi


N.B. Attached is the text of a Multi- Party Sudanese Memorandum to the SC. The signed copy will be presented by our delegation.