Condolences to Jacob Zuma on the Pass-away of Mandela

6th December 2013

H.E. President Jacob Zuma

President of the Republic of South Africa.


Dear Mr. President,


To you, your Government, to the family of the MADIBA, and to the fraternal peoples of South Africa, please accept our warmest condolences, extended to you by myself, my party, the Ansar, and the peoples of the Sudan for the loss of Madiba Nelson Mandela, a hero of liberation, a master of principled strategy and flexible tactics, an example of administering diversity in the service of unity, a leader who earned the justified admiration of his own citizens, of Africa and indeed of the whole world.


May God bless his soul, and establish his legacy as a role model for generations to come.



I am yours sincerely




Elected President of Umma National Party (since 2009)

Elected Imam of Alansar (since 2002)

Last elected PM, Sudan (1986)

Chairman of the International Forum of Moderation (since 2007)