Address to Kampala Conference

21st March 2015

Address of the Chairman of the board of directors

of the Organization of economic Complementarily

 between the Countries of the Nile Basin:  Al Sadig Al Mahid


My fellow members of this third conference,

Greetings to you all.

I looked forward to be with you in Kampala,   and to personally congratulate President Museveni for his choice of benefactor for this conference, but I had to  turn down this opportunity to attend another Conference concerned with the future of my troubled country, the Sudan, and to ask my colleague and friend Dr. Shareif to deliver this address on my behalf.

Dear brothers and sisters, members of this Third Conference, as you know, our organization keeps distance from Partisan politics but upholds certain PAN- African ideas; they are:

First: that pan-Africanism rests upon solid geopolitical realities, certain cultural continuities, objective socio-economic interests, and continental security considerations.

Second: that the Nile Basin represents a geopolitical reality which transcends divisions between North and sub Saharan African Countries.

Third: that the countries of the Nile Basin own certain comparative advantages which call for developmental complementarities.

Fourth: that through its activities, and conferences, our organization provides a standing forum for programs which inform economic integration between the countries of the Nile Basin.

This Third Conference would build upon the programs of the previous two Conferences, and focus upon a three points Agenda; namely: The issues of the development of the infrastructure, of Human Development and of electronic governance.

The development of infrastructure, in terms of communications and transport in basic for the required integration.  It is the skeleton of the program of integration.

Human development in terms of education, health care, capacity building, training, the exchange of experiences and cultural exchanges; is a cornerstone for the required integration. It is its nervous system.

Electronic Governance is the means to update the systems of Government to live up to the standards of the 21st Century.

In this globalized World it is necessary to keep abreast with the achievements of technology.  Otherwise we embrace backwardness and bow to domination by others.

I hope that this Third Conference will survey the resolutions of the past two Conferences, discuss the present Agenda with the utmost seriousness, and come up with a comprehensive and realistic program for the way forward.

With my best wishes for a successful Conference, please accept my best wishes, until we hopefully meet again in the fourth Conference.