A Sudan National Roadmap Towards Comprehensive and Just Peace And Democratic Transformation

A Sudan National Roadmap

Towards Comprehensive and Just Peace

And Democratic Transformation




  1. No Dialogue is possible without mutual recognition. The Sudanese Revolutionary Front is to be recognized as a legitimate partner.
  2. the following confidence building measures are to be unilaterally taken by the Government of Sudan (GoS):
  • To set free all prisoners on political grounds.
  • To cancel the sentences issued against political personnel.
  • To abandon all legislations and regulations against basic freedoms.
  • To allow the tripartite program for humanitarian relief in the war-torn areas.
  • To abandon decisions of closure or deregistration of independent national and humanitarian international NGOs.
  • To stop NCP monopoly over the media and provide for a real free and inclusive national media.
  • To eschew any measures towards general elections before the results of the National dialogue.
  1. To organize a meeting between the combatants namely the GoS and SRF in a convenient venue outside the Sudan with the following agenda:
  • The termination of hostilities.
  • The exchange of war prisoners.
  • To facilitate humanitarian relief.
  1. To call for a declaration of principles (DOP), which spells out the targets of the National dialogue, namely, the establishment of Comprehensive and Just Peace, through a National Constitutional Conference. The (DOP) should include the establishment of a National Interim Government, and a mechanism for Transitional Justice.

It is necessary that all Sudanese stakeholders approve the (DOP)

  1. After all Sudanese stakeholders accept the (DOP), the Sudanese stakeholders should be invited to a National Constitutional Conference to be held inside the Sudan to decide upon:
  • The principles of the constitution and the mechanism of its enactment.
  • The formation of the interim government until the New Constitution comes into force.
  • The program of the transitional government.
  1. All the proceedings to be under a neutral chairmanship.
  2. Regional and International representatives to be invited to the National Constitutional Conference as observers and witnesses.
  3. This roadmap to be supported by all the political and civil Society forces, who call for a Peaceful Regime Change.

All Sudan’s political forces that aspire for comprehensive and Just Peace and democratic transformation should abide by this roadmap as the basis for National Dialogue.

  1. The conference would decide all the necessary measures for the implementation of this Roadmap.